Informed.AI Training Group is focused on Advisory, Education and Training for the C-suite executives and senior management staff of organisations that are looking to adopt AI and Machine Learning.

We look at the organisation and highlight the key areas of utility of AI to provide the maximum benefits to the organisations performance.

C-Suite Training, Education and Advisory


Our Executive Advisory services covers the full range of enabling technologies around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and Intelligent Automation.

We cover a full range of services from C-suite strategic advisory, to management training and educational learning for senior and mid management staff so that your organisation can be competitive in this fourth industrial revolution.


We are at the start of a huge transformation occurring across all business sectors and industries, referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, it has already delivered a number of changes to our environment. If your business is unable to benefit from the efficiencies, quality, time and performance improvements that machine learning and robotics are now able to deliver, you are most likely going to be left behind during this transformational period.


We have a number of approaches to delivering our advisory, education and training services, and are very happy to determine the delivery model that best fits your executive and management team.

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Dr Andy Pardoe

Dr Andy Pardoe


Dr Andy Pardoe is the Managing Partner of Informed.AI Consulting Group. An IT professional having 20 years experience with a solid academic foundation (BEng in Computer Systems Engineering, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA specialising in Business Transformation and Mergers & Acquisitions) combined with an extensive business and management experience across multiple industries (Investment Banking, Retail Ecommerce and Supply Chain, Multi-media Asset Protection / Network Security).

An experienced Development Manager, delivering multiple projects with a multi-region development team. A keen understanding of business transformation and change management, and how it effects the whole IT organization.