Supporting the AI Community with Events, Meetups and Conferences

The AIR and CXTech Directors Forums & Main Event Conference

The AI & Robotics and CX Tech events are now part of the Informed.AI family. We are very excited to include these premium events to our network and look forward to growing the events and annual conference to other locations in the future.

Visit AIR.Events and CXTech.Events


Quarterly, UnConference & Summit

The Showcase Quarterly and Summit focus on demonstrating real example of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other techniques and technologies.

Our UnConference is where we support academic research from individuals, institutions and commercial centres providing a unique opportunity for researchers to share their work with peers to get feedback and discuss detailed aspects, collaborate on projects and discover alternative approaches.

Visit http://Showcase.AI or follow @Showcase_AI


Listing AI Events from around the World

We have over 200 Events, Meetups, Conferences, One Day Events and Webinars listed, with the biggest collection of Discount Codes for AI Conferences.

We provide updates on Events with our blog and weekly newsletter.

Our social media is active for event announcements, plus we live tweeting from events via @Events_AI

Visit http://Events.AI to see the list of AI Events