Our Network of Sites

A full ecosystem of support for the AI community

into.AI is a directory of information resources for AI and ML. It also includes various channels of aggregated information, from videos, to forums, twitter and news stories.

website: http://into.AI

twitter: @into_AI

Neurons.AI is the professional network for AI practitioners and researchers.

website: http://Neurons.AI

twitter: @Neurons.AI

Awards.AI is the global awards for artificial intelligence achievements.

website: http://awards.ai

twitter: @Awards_AI

Events.AI is a listing of all the events related to AI happening around the world, from Meetups to Conferences.

website: http://events.ai

twitter: @Events_AI

Vocation.AI is our Careers portal for AI and machine learning.

website: http://Vocation.AI

twitter: @Vocation_AI

Study.AI is a dedicate area for Students of Artificial Intelligence.

website: http://Study.AI

Showcase.AI is the showcase summit, quarterly and unconference for artificial intelligence technology.

website: http://showcase.ai

twitter: @Showcase_AI

AITimes.uk is the AI Times Newspaper (uk edition) produced monthly. First edition November 2015

website: http://AITimes.uk

twitter: @Times_AI

Magazine.AI is the magazine for AI. Launching in 2016.

website: http://magazine.ai

twitter: @Magazine_AI