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A collection of guides, frameworks, informative articles, and design templates to help you learn best practices about the fast paced world of artificial intelligence.

We understand that deploying AI at scale can be challenging – our resources published here are designed to overcome the various obstacles of enterprise implementations.

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Our information resources are designed to give useful insights and guidance to support the implementation of scaled AI and ML teams in their delivery of intelligent capabilities across the organisation.

Info Guides

AI Guides including introductions and cheat sheets


Lists of tools and vendor products that provide different AI capabilities

Architecture Design

Architectures and Design Templates that can be used to setup scaled delivery platforms


Various frameworks to help with different aspects of AI

Intro to Coding

Tutorials for coding including helper libraries and functions used to solve specific problems.


ML Ops automation to make the development pipeline more efficient

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Leverage the free resources provided by Wisdom Works to help you on your adaption of AI technologies within your business. We continue to add to this knowledge base of information, guides, frameworks, and tools to support you and your team to follow the best-practice in your implementation of AI and Machine Learning.

1) Guides

Check out our free guides and informative articles to help you with specific challenges and aspects of ML implementations

2) Insights

Insights and information articles sharing the latest views on the practical aspects of building and delivering AI capabilities.

3) Whitepapers

Information articles, whitepapers and booklets sharing industry best-practice on AI implementations at scale.

4) Services

Discover how Wisdom Works can help you accelerate your adoption of AI technologies and capabilities.

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