Books written by Professor Andy Pardoe

Becoming a Data Scientist

“Becoming a Data Scientist: A Beginner’s Guide” provides an introduction to the field of data science. Written for beginners who are new the subject, this book covers the essential concepts, tools, and techniques that are needed to get started in data science. From programming and data exploration to machine learning and advanced topics, this book provides a broad overview of the field and helps readers understand what it takes to become a data scientist.

Written for a non-technical audience, it covers topics at a high-level to give a basic foundation of understanding rather than in-depth technical knowledge.



AI Strategy for Business Leaders

“AI Strategy for Business Leaders” – The world is changing at an exponential rate and the global pandemic in 2020 accelerated digital transformation and need for automation, data analytics and predictive algorithms within many different industries. Applications, and more importantly, acceptance of AI dramatically increased over the last few years.

This now puts increased pressure on business leaders to start the adoption of AI within their own companies or risk the advantage going to their competitors. The pressure is not only coming from competitors, but client expectations are increasing as they see what is possible with these cutting-edge technologies.

But the technology landscape for AI is complex, full of different vendors, platforms, tools, applications and frameworks, hundreds, and hundreds of alternatives and options, with more new capabilities being developed every month. How does any business leader keep up to date and able to make informed decisions on what to use. This can often lead to inertia, with many unable to prioritise AI adoption due to the fear of the unknown.

This book will help you navigate these challenges, so you feel more comfortable starting the AI adoption journey.



AI Strategy for Business Growth

“AI Strategy for Business Growth” provides a broad understanding of how to leverage AI within any business. Focused on how small and medium-sized businesses can adopt AI across the value chain of the firm – this is a perfect introduction for any small business owner. It not only gives a non-technical introduction to AI and Machine Learning but provides the guidelines for developing an AI Strategy and Roadmap.

It also provides a three-phased framework that covers the full AI adoption journey for SMEs. Examples of potential ways AI can be used in your business are given along with considerations of some of the challenges you might face along the way. We provide a lot of additional information to help you get a better understanding of AI and how you might benefit from using it within your own business. Highlighting some of the key areas you can apply AI to improve your business performance.

While AI can be applied to existing parts of the business, both front, and back-office, we also cover how AI technology is going to inspire new products and services that would not have been possible before the capabilities of AI became available.

For Entrepreneurs, this book will help you seek opportunities to leverage AI within your new product or service offerings, setting your business apart from your competitors and ensuring you are building for the future from the start.



IQ Unknown

“IQ UNKNOWN – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World” provides an intriguing perspective on the future advancement of Artificial Intelligence. Discussing the various paths humanity might follow in its own evolution as it learns to live side-by-side with another form of intelligence to rival our own.

Navigating the challenges and opportunities we face as we move towards artificial general intelligence will shape how humanity evolves and potentially determine if the human race will survive future global events such as climate change, the energy crisis, the aging & growing population, food shortages, wars and future pandemics.

This book reflects on how technology and artificial intelligence is changing rapidly, and suggests various approaches we need to help us make the right decisions in what and how we build the intelligent tools, applications and systems – especially important as they become more capable and intelligent.



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