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New eBook – AI Strategy for Business Leaders

“AI Strategy for Business Leaders” provides a broad understanding of how to leverage AI within any business. Focused on how large corporations can adopt AI across the value chain of the organisation this is a perfect introduction for any C-suite or director level role. It not only gives a non-technical introduction to AI and Machine Learning, but it details various guides and frameworks that will help companies to build and deploy AI at scale. It documents many of the challenges and approaches to overcome them. The book also covers how to manage AI-powered workforces and how to lead an AI-powered business. It includes a discussion on various types issues faced with different sized organisations. It concludes with the suggested next steps for those just starting the AI adoption journey.

While AI can be applied to existing parts of the business, both front and back-office, we also cover how AI technology is going to inspire new products and services that would not have been possible before the capabilities of AI became available.

The book provides a ten-stage framework for AI adoption, that all businesses will transition, regardless of size or industry as the main conductor for delivering AI at scale within your organisation.


Define your AI Strategy – Company Discovery Sessions

We have run a number of public workshops over the last few months and are now happy to schedule bespoke discovery sessions for any size of company, looking to start its AI adoption journey. The discovery session will help to begin the process of highlighting potential opportunities to gain value from AI/ML capabilities. We can help you define your AI Strategy and Roadmap for your business which will support the successful implementation of your first AI/ML use-cases. 

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Why you need an AI Strategy

Now is the time to start planning your use of Automation & AI for 2023 and beyond, as you don’t want your competitors to get the jump on you during this highly competitive landscape.


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