People, Platform, Process & Perspective

Four important aspects of delivering successful digital transformation projects

Our Four P’s delivery framework provides the guiderails which we follow throughout the implementation phase of any digitial transformation project. This recognises that any change programme requires much more that just the technology solution. We must factor in how the changes work within the operational process workflows, reflect on the functional requirements of the those actually using the systems and applications, and appreciate the cultural impact on the teams and users of deploying intelligent solutions into the working environment.

We believe that successful technology projects are only achieved with the fusion of People, Platform, Process & Perspective.

  • The People element represents the the skills and knowledge of the team delivery the transformation projects.
  • The Platform element relates to the careful selection of the tools, frameworks and platforms used to produce the solution.
  • The Process element define the way the solution is implemented and how it works.
  • The Perspective element is the most important and refers to understanding the Customers perspective in terms of functional requirements.

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